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Nether Heyford

Our Neighbourhood Plan: Latest News

We’re really pleased to report some great progress since our last update.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening work has been undertaken and reviewed by our Local Authority and independent consultants. The feedback was very positive and subject to some minor amends and additions the report is ready to be submitted to the relevant statutory bodies, such as the Environment Agency and Historic England.

The conclusion of the screening report is that we should not need to undertake detailed environmental assessments for each of the proposed development sites in the plan. We are hopeful that the statutory bodies will confirm this position and allow us to move on to the next stage of the process.

In parallel with this work, we have also had the plan itself reviewed by independent consultants and our local authority. Again, the feedback has been very positive. The plan is now undergoing some ‘polishing’ on the basis of that feedback.

The next step, once we have the responses from the statutory bodies for the SEA, will be to bring the plan and screening report together to form the ‘full’ plan. This ‘full’ plan will then be published for formal public consultation under something called Regulation 14. This is a legally required step in the process.

Subject to any changes in response to consultation the plan is then adopted by its sponsoring body, the Parish Council, approved by our Local Authority and submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. Subject to their approval the plan is then ‘made’ and becomes legally enforceable and part of the Local Authority’s Development Plan.

Given current circumstances we are not able to share a hard and fast timeline for all of these steps, but our goal is to see the plan ‘made’ by early 2022.

If you’d like a reminder of why we set out on the journey to create a Neighbourhood Plan, please do visit the website.

Tony Clewett, Tom Dodd, Tony Williams and the NHNPG Group