Designed by Ian Parris © Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan

Nether Heyford

Date:   Thursday 31st October 2019 – Meeting No. 30


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Ian Parris

Dave Musson

Peter Cambatta

Pat Andrews


Tom Dodd

George Atkinson

Jeremy Rice

1. Progress Update

Meetings have been held with Neil Pearce and Philippa McKenna of Midlands Rural Housing and both proved productive and encouraging.

Housing Needs Survey – Midlands Rural Housing are undertaking the survey on our behalf.  The content has been agreed with us and also with Paul Brunige of SNC.  The survey is dual branded and will be hand delivered w/c 11 November.  Return by date to MRH is 29 November and the final analysis is due by the end of January.

There is a section for every household to complete and, once again, we are including a draw for £100 to encourage participation.

The Parish Council have agreed to fund the survey and Philippa McKenna from MRH advises that it should be repeated every five years.

An article has been submitted to November’s Prattler to prepare residents for the survey.

Site Allocations – Neil Pearce has agreed to undertake an assessment of all nine sites which have been identified in our Plan.

Further investigation may be required for the Ridgeway Furlong site and we have been advised that input from a transport consultant may be required to address access issues.

Finance – A communication has been received from Groundwork about reporting the situation with our remaining grant money.  It was decided that all remaining money should be used to finance Neil’s site assessments.  Sue to request a Change Request form.

2. Next Steps

Housing Needs Survey – Thanks to everyone for agreeing to post the surveys and a delivery list is attached.  Posters need to be produced and stuck up round the village to encourage completion.

Finance – Sue to present an accounts reconciliation to the Parish Council and request financial support for year 2020/21 to cover remaining costs associated with getting our Plan made.  The reconciliation shows the following:

Parish Council support since June 2016   £6,500.00

Expenditure                                              £6,356.41

Remaining                                                   £143.59

Grant                                                       £8,804.51

Expenditure                                           £6,842.92

Remaining                                             £1,961.59

The Change Request Form has been received from Groundwork.  Sue to complete and return.  This will use all remaining grant money on the site assessments.  

Post meeting note – We are pleased to report that the Parish Council have agreed to a further grant of £3,000 for the financial year 2020/21.

3. Date of Next Meeting

There won’t be any update on the Housing Needs Survey in November, so we’ll see what Neil has for us before deciding whether to hold November’s meeting, which is due on Thursday 28th November.