Designed by Ian Parris © Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan

Nether Heyford

Date:  Thursday 25th October 2018 – Meeting No. 22


Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Jeremy Rice

Pat Andrews

Ian Parris

George Atkinson


Tony Clewett (Chair), Vernon Cameron-Ilott, Peter Cambatta

1. Progress Update

The Working Group met with Neil Pearce, our professional support, at his offices in Evesham on 19th October.  We discussed the site assessment process and the drafted Policies.  

Site Assessments - With regard to the site assessments Neil felt strongly that we should invite residents of Nether Heyford to vote on their preferred site for potential future development.  This would strengthen our Plan, particularly when it comes to the consultation process.  It was decided to hold an event over the weekend of 24/25 November, Saturday 10am-12 noon and Sunday 2pm-4pm.  The Village Hall has been booked to include setting up and taking down time.

We have missed the chance to advertise in both the November and the December Prattler and therefore advertising will be via posters and email asking clubs and societies to let their members know of the event.

During this time we will also present our draft Policies and Actions and the Wellbeing Strategy which will inform the whole Plan.

The method of voting was discussed and it was decided that each person attending would have two voting tokens.  It is hoped that this will ensure we have a clear outcome.

Policies and Actions – These were presented to the Steering Group and amendments regarding electric charging points for cars and car ports noted.

Environment Agency – The EA addressed the Parish Council at their October meeting about works they have carried out which has necessitated the flood map for the village being redrawn.  We don’t know at this stage whether this will affect our site assessment scoring relating to flooding.  Their presentation is included in the November issue of The Prattler.  

2. Next Steps

Site Assessment Event – All Steering Group members who are able, to be available from 9am on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday to set up the Village Hall.  

SC is to arrange for posters to be put up on various notice boards and around the village.

Draft Policies – These are to be amended as discussed.  TD to arrange printing for the event.

Meeting with Ellie Gingell – A meeting has been arranged for 14 November for the Working Group to update Ellie on progress.  Ellie has offered to review our Policies and ensure that they are in line with the Local Plan.

3. Date of Next Meeting

The next Steering Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29th November, at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.