Designed by Ian Parris © Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan

Nether Heyford

Date:   30th August 2018 – Meeting No 21


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Pat Andrews

Jeremy Rice

Ian Parris

George Atkinson

Vernon Cameron Illot


1. Progress Update

Site Assessments – The Wildlife Trust have given us information about the sites being assessed.  Their only concern with regard to future development were the two adjoining sites at Winston Close and Ridgeway Furlong, where an up-to-date ecology survey was recommended if either of the sites were considered for development.

On the advice of the Wildlife Trust, contact was made with Paul Evans, the Ecology Officer at SNC, who has furnished us with a report for the Parish as a whole.

Dave Hayward from CLASP has been approached and is happy to furnish us with a piece on the archaeology of the sites in question and the Parish.  However, in both of these expert opinions it is not expected that any site will score other than 0, in other words there is no negative impact on proposed future development.

With regard to the site at the rear of Wakefield Way, the Group have been passed a photograph of the site in flood taken in 1998.  The Group resolved to take this into account when determining the score relating to flood zone.  

Site No SNC 310 Bugbrooke Road – SC reported that the Trustees of Bliss School had determined to make contact with NCC (David Waite) to further discussions on the possible acquisition of part of the site for the provision of a new school, to include pre-school, off road parking and (possibly) community facilities.  SC has been tasked with contacting the Planning Department at SNC for their view.

Writing the Plan – The Working Group have commenced writing the introduction and background part of the Plan.  Thanks go to PA for the work he did to provide data relating to the growth of the village over the past 50 years.

Website – We need to ensure that the NP website is fit for purpose during the consultation and examination process.  The Group undertook an exercise to determine the structure of the site.

Village Foundations – This company has approached the Parish Council with a view to them presenting their company’s offering in terms of development, which they state would be based on meeting the local need.  SC to keep the Group updated on this matter.

2. Next Steps

Site Assessments – SC to begin writing up the process and findings of the site assessments which will form an appendix to the Plan.

Site No SNC 310 Bugbrooke Road – Following discussion with Ellie Gingell at SNC, she has suggested that our Plan include policies and evidence which would support the creation of a new school and also the redevelopment of the existing school site.

Website – SC to arrange a meeting for w/c 10 Sep between IP, TD and SC to determine the best format for the site.

Writing the Plan – VCI  is to let SC have contact details for information relating to traffic numbers and speeds.  This will be used to support scoring in the site assessments and as evidence to support actions to improve safety within the village.

3. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NP Group is scheduled for Thursday 27th September at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.