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Nether Heyford

Our Invite to you, to View NHNPG’s Assessment of Sites

The Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Group will be at the village fête again this year, and we invite everyone to come and see how assessments are being undertaken at potential sites in the village.

As part of the process of making a Neighbourhood Plan, it is sensible to look at sites which have already come forward, and to assess them in light of the information you gave us in the survey. There were very clear messages about looking after the housing needs of villagers and their families. There are strong trends that show there is less of a need for executive homes and increasing need for ‘affordable’ rents and smaller properties. Indeed, there is an increase in owners who want to downsize but stay in the village. Overall, the need appears to be manageable over the next dozen years or so and is moderately low in terms of numbers.

In 2014, The West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (WNJPU) representing South Northamptonshire District Council undertook an exercise across the area, called the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment.  This SHELAA identified pockets of land across all villages that could be used ‘as a future supply of land which is suitable, available and achievable for non-strategic housing and economic development uses over the remainder of the plan period (up to 2029).’ Seven sites were identified in Nether Heyford. However, it is critical to understand that ‘the SHELAA will identify land, it will not allocate land for development’. This is very important for Nether Heyford; one site has already been assessed as being too large and would be unsuitable for the village’s development needs. In 2016, people were invited to identify further pockets of land in a ‘Call for Sites’. This Call for Sites was an opportunity for landowners, site promoters and interested parties to submit land for consideration. Another three came forward in the village, one of which was refused planning permission, the other two have not applied for planning permission.

All ten of these sites are now being assessed by the NHNPG as part of the neighbourhood plan process to see if they are suitable, available and achievable in light of Nether Heyford’s needs. Inclusion of a site in the assessment does not mean that a site will automatically be allocated for development or be taken to imply that planning permission would be supported.

These submissions are all in the public domain and can be seen at . Come and see the provisional results of the assessments on fête day (June 9th), when they will be on display in our marquis. Meanwhile, anyone with any queries or just want to know more can come along to our public meetings (next one at 7.30pm May 31st) held at the Youth Club on Robert’s Field.

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair NHNPG)