Designed by Ian Parris © Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan

Nether Heyford

Date:   Thursday 29th March 2018


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Jeremy Rice

George Atkinson


1. Progress Update

Consultation Weekend – The three presentations held over the weekend of 23/24/25 March were deemed a great success, attracting over 100 people who had the opportunity to view the statements which will form the basis of our Plan.  Many thanks to all who gave their support.

Finance – Grant applications for the new financial year open on Tuesday 3rd April.  SC to download the application form via an Expression of Interest.

Site Assessments – The working group introduced the piece of work that will occupy us for the next couple of months.  We have been advised to include a preferred site for development to meet the village’s housing need over the life of the Plan.  It is our intention to have the assessments completed in time to present the findings to residents at the village fete on Saturday 9th June.  In order to build in some prep time, we need to have the results available by May’s meeting.  

We have eight sites to assess, this is six from the West Northants SHLAA, which includes two of the sites which came forward in SNC’s call for sites exercise in 2016, and the remaining two sites:

 Malcolm Tarbox’s land in Furnace Lane

 Chay Adam’s land in Furnace Lane

 Land at the rear of 74 Furnace Lane

 Land off Ridgeway Furlong

 Collin’s land at the rear of Wakefield Way

 NCC’s land off the Bugbrooke Road

 Nick Adam’s land in Church Lane

 Jeremy Rice’s land at the rear of Church Lane

The Group went through the site assessment form and the guidance notes, both of which threw up discussion points and questions.

2. Next Steps

Finance - SC and TD to complete the grant application form as soon as it is available.

Site Assessments - SC to check with Ellie Gingell whether we should include the Gladman site at the rear of Bliss Close.

SC to forward to all Group members Ellie Gingell’s mail of 6th February, which includes the site assessment form and the guidance notes, plus some other useful links.  All are asked to familiarise themselves with the process.

It was suggested that April’s Group meeting be used to tour the sites, making notes and taking photographs.  It was also suggested that we perhaps use the Scouts to carry out some of the assessment work, such as measuring distances.

3. Date of Next Meeting

The next Group meeting is on Thursday 26th April at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.