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Nether Heyford

Let’s get Objective

As this squally New Year welcomes us headlong into 2018, the Neighbourhood Plan process also moves onward into its next phase; agreeing the objectives and policies that will provide the core mainstay of the village strategy.

The group have been analysing the results of the survey that many of you completed about leisure, the environment, future developments and our facilities across the parish. The objectives that derive from this will be in the form of statements, for example, an objective about housing need could be ‘To provide a mix of housing types including smaller homes for elderly villagers wishing to downsize and for young singles, couples or families needing their first home.’ This reflects the survey results from our village, where you have said clearly that there is not a need for large 5-bedroom houses, but there is a need to ensure younger people and retired residents can remain in the village if they want to.

A thread that has emerged from the survey is one of wellbeing for people living in the village. Only this month, a new analysis by the company EarthSense has assessed air quality across Britain in great detail; Nether Heyford scores a top rating of 1, which means there is an extremely low chance of nitrogen dioxide levels exceeding the annual legal limit. The air in our area is generally clean. Although dirty air doesn't kill people directly, it's estimated to contribute to shortening the lives of 40,000 people a year in the UK, and pollution is thought to undermine the health of people with heart or lung problems. This is exactly the sort of clean environment that we want to preserve which contributes to the wellbeing of anyone living or visiting here. We could break new ground by agreeing an objective where Any development must be able to demonstrate a positive contribution to the wellbeing of villagers in Nether Heyford.’

Over the next few weeks, the Neighbourhood Plan Group will be working to firm up the objectives for our policies. These will reflect, and be evidenced by, the survey results. There will be an opportunity for all villagers, and businesses in the parish, to see and discuss these objectives and subsequent policy areas in March, when the group will lead a number of presentations over a long weekend in the village hall. Times and dates will be delivered on a leaflet to all homes in the parish by early March. It’s another chance to keep up the momentum and take ownership of how we see the village evolving over the next ten to twelve years. It would be a pleasure to see you there.

Tom Dodd

Vice Chair

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Group