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Nether Heyford

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan

Over 250 of you came to leave your thoughts about the future of our village, at our Open Day held in March. Pretty good considering there was a Saints match and a Cobblers game (dare I say the Dons too?) being played out the same afternoon! A rolling aerial film of the village was really popular, people trying to spot their house, showing lots of appreciation for our leisure facilities and celebrating all of the green spaces in and around Nether Heyford. We exhibited a set of ‘Then & Now’ pictures of various parts of the village, which proved popular and started numerous conversations about not only how some things had changed for the better, but also how lots of things had been kept just so, protected and preserved. Most of you went away with a set of post cards of the village as a thank you from the NHNPG for being so generous with your time, and helping us to gather the ideas we need to take the development of the plan to the next stage. Congratulations to Roger Farrah for winning the prize of a framed aerial photograph of his home!

You gave us an amazing amount of feedback – we had four double tables covered in sticky post-its – there must have been over a thousand comments for us to start to catalogue and see what you felt most enthusiastic about. These issues will be brought together into a questionnaire over the next couple of weeks. There were lots of comments about types of housing that younger and older villagers might require in the future, so we’ll also include some questions on housing needs. The questionnaires will be circulated out to all homes and businesses in time for the Village Fete in June, when we’ll be displaying the information from the Open Day and gently reminding people to complete their questionnaires and pop them in the post. The questionnaires will go to a consultant who is helping the NHNPG with this part of the process, and he will analyse the responses and present them back to us.

So, thanks again for helping us complete this step, and look out for the resulting questionnaire that will come through your doors in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed that the sun will be shining on the 10th June, and hope to see you there at our stall on the village green!