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Nether Heyford

March 2017 NHNPG Submission for the Prattler

March is an exciting month for the Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Group! We are inviting everyone in the village to come and see what it’s all about at our Neighbourhood Plan Open Day on the 25th. You won’t be able to miss it – we will be taking over the village hall for the day and by then, you won’t fail to have seen the signs and banners that will be up around the village!

March 25th is a critical date for the Neighbourhood Plan. In order to be sure about what villagers really value - and only you really know that - everyone is invited to come to the village hall and share their views and ideas. The invitation is extended to all businesses, landowners, farmers and residents. The hall will be open from 10am until 4pm, where you will be welcomed by someone from the Neighbourhood Plan Group and invited to offer your thoughts on the aims, issues and opportunities around housing, transport, leisure, business and anything that you feel is important to be part of the Plan. There will be a display of the process we’re going through to get our Plan to become a legal document, tables where you can talk about and write down your ideas about developments, recreation, business, facilities, heritage and the environment (and we’ll make space for any other ideas!). There will be a supervised play area for younger tots, and after all of that thinking and talking, some refreshments (tea and cake!) on us.

When we have a nice clear day, you might see a small drone doing a flyover of the village – it will be producing an up to date map for us to use at the Open Day – it’s unlikely anyone is sunbathing in March, but be reassured that as a professional, the pilot is licensed and mindful of privacy and data protection law. We also hope to get some video streamed footage of the village from the air, to play at the Open Day.

Every house will have an invitation through their letterbox in the next couple of weeks running up to Saturday 25th. Bring it along to the village hall and you will be entered into a free prize draw to win a framed aerial photograph of your own home!

If you could give about 20 minutes of your time to help shape the future of our village, it will move the Neighbourhood Plan onto its next stage, which is analysing all of your ideas and putting together a questionnaire that will go to all households and businesses in the village. From this, policies will be written that will embody what you suggest at the Open Day.

This is our village, and it’s our future. Hope to see you there. In advance, thank you!