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Nether Heyford

Prattler Article December 2016

Putting together a Neighbourhood Plan is our right to shape the development and growth of the village in a way that not only fits with the wider local plan from South Northants Council, but also in a way that we think is best for Nether Heyford.

The Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Group has a number of people who have regularly attended our meetings, which are open to all residents and businesses in the village. Our small steering group meets additionally outside of this to move us along in the process – here is who we are and what we say about why we are involved:

Tony Clewett is Chair and says ‘We've lived in Nether Heyford for nearly 40 years and raised three children here. We love living here and I believe passionately in wanting the village to develop and thrive into the future. A Neighbourhood Plan will help us achieve these objectives and that is why I volunteered to join the Group.’

As Treasurer, Linda Carter-Hirst has also lived here for over 30 years, and in her own words, is ‘staying put!’ – ‘I'm passionate about our village not being on the list of any land grabbing agents who may want to build 100s of houses. I'm a member of the Parish Council, and through that I learnt of the Neighbourhood Plan and how it will safeguard us for years to come. We have a great community here, and it can only get better if we all work together.’

Sue Corner is Secretary, who not only organises us but makes sure we carry out actions needed to stay on track, and liaises with SNC and our own Parish Council: ‘When I joined the Parish Council just over a year ago, I was particularly interested in planning issues and opportunities and when it was suggested that Nether Heyford might create a neighbourhood plan I was very keen to be involved.  A neighbourhood plan, when adopted, is an excellent way for the community to guide the future development and growth of our village.’

Tom Dodd - from my perspective as Vice-Chair, I’m involved with our Neighbourhood Plan to make a case for sensitive and thought through development, limited to what we are obliged to consent to over the next fifteen years. Development issues were really brought home to me this year when a speculator’s plans would have not only impacted on us personally, but on the village as a whole. Thankfully, the Parish Council and public support helped to make a case against the plans, but it seemed an awful lot of effort and anxiety to go through each time this happens.

We have a balanced steering group of members of the community with and without Parish Council responsibilities. Charles Kiloh (Chair of the Parish Council) also attends our steering group and provides helpful and direct access to the support and resources of the council when necessary. These are the key steps we are undertaking to produce our Neighbourhood Plan:

We are beginning Step 2, planning our engagement event in the village for April 2017, when people will tell us what they feel is important for them and our village. These priorities will form the basis of a questionnaire that will go out to every house by June. The results of this survey will be at the heart of our proposed neighbourhood plan.

Our open meetings are usually the last Thursday of the month – our next one will be Thursday 26th January, and then Thursday 23rd February held at the Youth Club at Roberts Field, at 7.30pm. You are invited!