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Nether Heyford

Date: Thursday 28th September 2017 – Minutes No. 12


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Ian Parris

George Atkinson

Jeremy Rice

Vernon Cameron-Ilott


Pat Andrews

1. Progress Update

Meeting with SNC – The working group met with Jennie Johnson on Monday 25th September.  Items under discussion were:

- Evidence gathering – Jennie to send links to evidence which is available on SNC’s website.

- Changes to village confines – Jennie informed us that changes are included in the emerging Local Plan.

- Technical assessments of SNC identified sites – SNC have carried out technical assessments of the four sites identified which should be accessible on their website, otherwise we’ll ask for a link.  We can have access to their site assessment protocol should we decide to undertake our own call for sites.

- Period that our NP should cover – the emerging Local Plan covers the period to 2029.  Our NP will cover the same period.

- Conducting our own ‘call for sites’ – Four sites came forward as a result of SNC conducting a call for sites in March 2016.   A fifth site had already been identified and an application to develop refused.  We are gathering advice and information on whether we should conduct our own call for sites as part of our NP process.

SNC Local Plan – Consultation is underway on the emerging Local Plan and TD presented an overview of the Vision, Objectives and Policies.  The Policy regarding Local Objectively Assessed (Housing) Needs (LOAN) was of particular interest as the recent Household Survey had included a housing needs survey.

Household Survey – We are indebited to the Prattler for allowing the NP Group to have a pull out section in November’s edition to publicise the headline results of the recent Survey.  Reference will also be made on the front cover.  Many thanks to the Prattler Team.

2. Next Steps

Call for Sites – A meeting has been arranged for Friday 29th September with Sally Stroman, a town planner who lives in the village, to further discuss the decision on whether or not to carry out a call for sites.  Following this, the working group will formally present options to the NP Group at the October meeting when a decision will be made.

Household Survey – Three actions are underway, 1) to review and amend the draft final report and return to Simon Purfield; 2) a session has been booked on Tuesday 10th October to study and analyse the results; and 3) prepare the article for November’s Prattler.

The results of the housing need survey are to be submitted to SNC to ensure they meet their criteria relating to the LOAN policy contained within the draft Local Plan.

Evidence Gathering – TC has been in touch with Steve Young who has been involved with the archaeological sites at Whitehall Farm and Horstone Brook.  TC to invite Steve and Dave

Hayward (CLASP) to the October meeting.  JR, PA and GA to undertake the heritage / historic piece.  SC to send out SNC’s piece on conservation.

3. Finance

The grant period of six months concludes on 31st October.  At this point unused money needs to be returned to DCLG.  SC to understand the process of returning the money and making a new application, prepare the paperwork and report back at the next meeting.

Post meeting, SC requested a further £1,000 from the Parish Council (who are holding the grant money) to settle the accounts of Simon Purfield and Neil Pearce up to the end of October.

4. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 26th October at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.