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Nether Heyford

Date:  Thursday 24th August 2017 – Minutes No. 11


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary)

Ian Parris

Pat Andrews

Jeremy Rice

George Atkinson


Vernon Cameron-Ilott

Peter Cambatta

No meetings were held in June and July as this covered the period of the Household Survey and production of initial findings.

1. Progress Update

Fete – Thanks to everyone for their help on the day.  A good turn out, lots of interest and lots of opportunity to publicise completion of the Survey.

Questionnaire – By week 3, submissions indicated that there would be no need for a follow up leaflet drop to increase participation.  Final number was 323 against 686 delivered, a return of 47%.  Better than expected and thanks to everyone, particularly Tom who worked so hard to produce an excellent document.

We have now received a draft of the final report and this is attached.  We will wait for the final version before publishing on the website.

The winner of the £100 prize was Louise Lucas, 23 Brookside Place.

Meeting with Neil Pearce – Held with Working Group on 22nd August.  Purpose of the meeting was to bring Neil up to date with progress and for his help with identifying the tasks associated with the next stage of the creation of our Neighbourhood Plan, namely evidence gathering, particularly types of evidence relative to Nether Heyford and various sources.

2. Next Steps

Survey – the Working Group will meet to fully understand the data contained within the Survey report.

Evidence Gathering – This is a vital part of the NP process and has two main roles.  The first is to identify everything that makes Nether Heyford what it is today, under four main headings - Economic

- Environmental

- Social/Community

- Infrastructure

Secondly, to use the evidence together with the output of the Launch Event and the Household Survey to create the Vision, Objectives and Policies that will make up our Plan.

Attached is a useful worksheet which explains different types of evidence and useful sources.

GA spoke about a heritage audit which forms part of the environmental evidence.  GA also offered to speak to the Local Studies librarian in Northampton Central Library.

All asked to consider who might be called upon to assist with this important phase.  

SC to contact Dave Hayward from CLASP (Community Landscape Archaeology Survey Project).

Meeting with SNC – SC to arrange a meeting with Jennie Johnson.  Items for discussion to include

- Call for sites.  Neil Pearce suggested that we need to carry out our own Call for Sites.  We are unsure whether this would be right for us, as SNC carried out their own Call for Sites in March 2016.  What process did they use?

-  Technical Assessments of sites already identified.  Is this carried out (and paid for) by SNC?

- Changes to village envelope.  Is this part of the Local Plan exercise or part of the NP process?

- Dates for the Plan.  The Plan will cover a 15 year period, but unsure what start year we should use.

- Any sources of evidence which SNC hold, such as a housing audit, listed properties and conservation areas, etc.


Communication - TC has written September’s Prattler article giving an update on progress and thanking everyone who contributed to an outstanding Survey response rate.  October’s article will be used to explain the importance of evidence gathering.  We also plan to create a leaflet which can be delivered with The Prattler giving the high level results of the Survey.  It is hoped that this will be ready for November’s issue.  

It is hoped that the next public engagement event will be next Spring when we will be in a position to present (for agreement) the Plan’s draft Vision, Objectives and Policy headings.

Finance – A financial statement is attached.  It is the Parish Council’s wish that the NP Group are responsible for administering the grant money.  This means that we will not be able to claim back VAT.  Any unspent grant money as at 31st October needs to be returned to DCLG, and a second application made for the six months from 1st November to 30th April.

Should the decision be made that we will conduct our own Call for Sites, SC to look into additional grant funding for technical assessments of any new sites which come forward.

3. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the NHNP Group is scheduled for Thursday 28th September at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.  SC to check availability and confirm.