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Nether Heyford

Date:  Thursday 25th May 2017, Minutes No. 10


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Pat Andrews

George Atkinson

Ian Parris

Jeremy Rice

Dave Musson


Veronon Cameron Ilott

Peter Cambatta

10.1 There were no Declarations of Interest.

10.2 Update on Progress

Application for Grant Funding – This has now been approved and the funds have been transferred to the Parish Council’s bank account, as we are not an incorporated body.  We have applied for the whole amount made up as follows:

 Professional costs for survey £2,100

 Consultant costs  £4,500

 Public consultation costs £2,400

The grant covers six months from 1st April to 31st October.  Any money not spent or committed by then needs to be returned to the DCLG and then a new application submitted for the next six months.

Survey – Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the draft survey, which is now ready for printing.  Additional shorter versions (sections 3-9 only) will be available for anyone wishing to complete a survey in addition to the householder.  The survey will include entry to a prize draw for £100 and a Freepost envelope for direct return to Stratford District Council.  The survey is to be distributed to every household within the Parish between 1st and 8th June.  Very many thanks to TD for leading this piece of work and producing a very professional document.

Fete – The village fete on 10th June is our next opportunity to engage with residents and remind them to complete their survey.  A gazebo has been purchased by the NHNP Group, which, along with other items purchased, will be available to all clubs and societies for them to use.


10.3 Next Steps

Grant Funding – We have asked the Parish Council to transfer £3,000 into our account to cover expenditure until 31st October, except for Simon Purfield’s costs.  He will be asked to submit his invoice to the Parish Council so that the VAT paid can be reclaimed at the end of the financial year.

Survey – It was agreed that the same distribution rota would be used for delivery of the survey as for the leaflets for the Open Day.  Printed surveys are due for delivery to TD on 1st June and will be bundled and delivered as soon as possible for delivery to households by 8th June.  The deadline for returning completed surveys (and entry to the prize draw) is Saturday 24th June.  

A banner will once again be erected on the trees opposite Middle Street from Monday 5th to Saturday 24th June as a reminder.

SC to email contacts of all clubs and societies visited during February, to ask them to encourage completion of the survey.  SC to ask Lesley Dilkes and Sue Bootle to make an entry in Facebook, once again, to encourage completion.  In addition, notices to be displayed in the village hall and on the Parish notice board.

During w/c 19th June a check will be made on numbers of returned surveys.  If this appears low, a leaflet is to be distributed to each household as a reminder.

Fete – TD to contact Rosemary Haddon to ask if the NP gazebo can be sited next to the Garden Club.  (Post meeting note – this has been agreed.)  The gazebo needs to be in place by 10am and some of the items used at the Open Day will be on display again.

Visitors to the gazebo will be asked if they would like to join a mailing list.  TD will also include this invitation in July’s Prattler entry.

Spare copies of the survey will be available and a collection box for completed surveys.

We still have some postcards, pens and bookmarks to give away.

We are lucky to have secured the front page on June’s Prattler to advertise our presence at the Fete.

10.4 Financial Report

An up to date financial statement is attached to these minutes.

10.5 Any Other Business and Date of Next Meeting

Once the survey has been delivered, the Group felt that we need direction on next steps.  To this end SC to contact Neil Pearce to arrange a meeting with the Steering Group.

The next meeting of the NHNP Group is scheduled for Thursday 29th June at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.