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Nether Heyford

Date:  Thursday 13th April 2017, Meeting No. 9


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary / Treasurer)

Pat Andrews

Ian Parris

Jeremy Rice

Vernon Cameron Ilott

Peter Cambata

George Atkinson


9.1 Update on Progress

Open Day – TC thanked everyone for their hard work that had made the Open Day on 25th March such a success.  Over 250 people called in during the day and posted their comments.  The drone film, in particular, was an outstanding success.

Finance / Grant Application – SC has become Treasurer following Linda Carter-Hirst’s incapacity.   An application has been submitted for the maximum grant available of £9,000 to cover professional fees and further consultation exercises.  Anything not spent by 31st October needs to be returned to DCLG, and a further request made for expenditure after this date.

Meeting with Persimmon Homes – TC, TD and SC met with a representative of Persimmon Homes on 12th April.  The meeting was at their invitation.  There was a fair exchange of views on their plans for land off Furnace Lane, submitted to SNC as a result of their ‘call for sites’ exercise in early 2016.  It was made clear to Persimmon that we considered the discussions ‘without prejudice’ and ‘off the record’.

Heritage Seminar – ACRE are holding a seminar on ‘making the most of your local heritage’ under the Neighbourhood Plan banner on 8th June.  SC and TD plan to attend and an application for funding has been made to the Parish Council.

9.2 Open Day Responses

All of the responses from the Open Day have now been typed up and copies were handed out.  Discussion then ensued to identify the aims, issues and opportunities arising out of the comments submitted on the day.  These are attached and will form the basis of the questionnaire, which is due for delivery to all residents in the Parish by the end of May.  

9.3 Next Steps

The Steering Committee will meet to compile a draft questionnaire for submission to Simon Purfield towards the end of April.  This will be the main thrust of activity over the next few weeks.  The draft will be sent to members of the NHNPG as soon as it is available.

9.4 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 25th May, at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.  The main focus of the meeting will be our presence at the village fete on 10th June.