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Nether Heyford

Date:   Tuesday 14th March 2017 Meeting No. 8


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair

Sue Corner (Secretary)

Charles Kiloh

Pat Andrews

Jeremy Rice

Ian Parris

Vernon Cameron Ilott

Peter Cambatta

George Atkinson


Dave Musson

Anthony Williams

The meeting is primarily to discuss the detail of the Open Day on 25th March.

8.1 Progress Update

TC reported that he had seen Lynda Carter Hirst and that she is making good progress recovering from the stroke she suffered recently.

SC has contacted Barclays to change the account holder details and also to have Tom Dodd added to the account as the third signatory.  SC will fulfil the role of Treasurer in Lynda’s absence.

Persimmon, housing developers, who responded to the Council’s Call for Sites, have requested a meeting with representatives of the NP Group.  This will take place on Wednesday 12th April.

8.2 Next Steps – Open Day

Drone – It is hoped that the drone filming will be completed on Saturday 18th March.  A notification is to be placed on the Parish Notice Board.  TD/SC to action.

(Since the meeting, the drone filming has been moved to Tuesday 21st March.)

Roadside posters – DM has the wood for the roadside posters and hopes to have them made by Saturday 18th March.  Ideally they will go up over the weekend and PA, IP and PC all agreed to help.  SC to contact Dave to finalise.

The poster which will be mounted on a tree opposite the end of Middle Street to be erected at the same time.

Presentation and printed materials – TD is working closely with Orchard printers and all is going to plan.  Agreed to purchase additional presentation boards.

The banner for the village hall to be erected on Friday 24th March.  All to meet at 5.30pm whilst it is still light.

TC has obtained various A0 and A1 prints from Architect colleagues of his for use on the day.

Hall layout – Some discussion took place regarding the layout of the hall and the need to create a flow round the room.  The output of the Drone filming will be shown on the big screen on the stage and a lap-top will be used to view the website, which will be officially launched on the day.  The main focus of the event will be the four tables inviting visitors to share their thoughts for the future, under the headings:

 Green spaces, Environment and Heritage

 Recreation and Leisure, Community, Bulidings and Spaces

 Transport and Infrastructure

 Housing, jobs and other development

All to think about questions and statements which can stimulate ideas.

Responsibilities on the Day – It is important that all visitors are met at the entrance.  Each person to identify where they live so that the spread of visitors from around the village can be gauged.  

SC to send out the crib sheet to all.

SC to purchase items for refreshments.  Group members volunteered their wives to support on refreshments.

Mary Newstead has agreed to manage the crèche area.  TC to find out from Mary how the crèche should be set up.

We will have at least one First Aider as Lynda Eales will be available all day and has first aid training.

Door to Door leaflet delivery – Leaflets were handed out together with stakeholder letters, to be delivered by Saturday 18th March.  Arrangements to be made to deliver leaflets to the remainder of the Parish, hopefully, over the weekend.

Friday evening 24th March, from 5.30 to set up the Hall

Saturday 25th March, from 9am to finalise setting up.  Event to run from 10am-4pm.

8.3 Date of Next Meeting

This meeting replaced the one scheduled for 23rd March.  The next meeting is to be scheduled around mid April as the first rough draft of the questionnaire needs to be with Simon Purfield by 18th April.  I’ll contact you again when a suitable date has been identified.