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Nether Heyford

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2017, Meeting No. 7


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary)

Jeremy Rice

Peter Cambatta

Ian Parris

Vernon Cameron-Ilott

Dave Musson


George Atkinson

Tony Williams

Charles Kiloh

Pat Andrews

Neil Haynes

Sue Boutle has advised that she will stand down from the NHNP Group.  We thank Sue for her continued support particularly in her role as editor of the Prattler.

Welcome to Dave Musson.  SC to attach updated Group contact details.

7.1 Progress Update

Stakeholder visits – the Steering Committee have visits planned to most of the clubs, societies, Churches, landowners and other stakeholders within the village.  These will take place during February and early March as follows:

9th February – Scouts

13th February – Garden Club

16th February – Shay Adams, Farmer and Youth Club

21st February – Baptist Church and Playing Fields Association

24th February – Nick Adams, Farmer

28th February – Derby and Joan

2nd March – Women’s Institute

9th March – Headmaster, Bliss School, Vicar and Heyford Singers

Craft Club to be arranged

Dave Musson to make contact with New Creation Farm for an introduction and visit

A meeting has been arranged with Tom Higginson, NP champion from Flore, on 7th March, to discuss stakeholder management in greater detail.  It is important that the Group identify those who will be invited to consult on the draft plan and start to build relationships with them.

Call for Sites – Following SNC’s call for sites which took place in 2016, four responses have been received.  They are:

Paddock adjacent to Heyford Lodge

Land surrounding 88 Furnace Lane

Land adjacent to the Youth Club building in Ridgeway Furlong

Land off Furnace Lane

With regard to the Land off Furnace Lane, Persimmon have requested a meeting with us to discuss their plans for the site.

Questionnaire – A table has been booked for the NHNP Group at the Village Fete on 10th June.

Grant application – SC to complete an Expression of Interest which will trigger the grant application process.

NP Launch Event – Plans are well underway for the launch event on 25th March and the rest of the meeting is given over to this subject.

7.2 Next Steps

The launch event will take place on Saturday 25th March, from 10am to 4pm.  The village hall has been booked from 9am-5pm and on Friday evening from 6pm – 8pm for setting up.

Advertising – TD is liaising with the printers on all advertising materials, including the door to door leaftet, roadside posters, and banners for the Green and village hall.  The contents of the leaflet were agreed.  Printers to be asked to create folds for the document and the type of paper to be used agreed.

SC to contact Sue Boutle for a copy of the Prattler distribution list.

DM offered to make up the roadside boards and erect as required.  Diary note to remove on 26th March.

VI said that Wicks might be prepared to provide the materials for the roadside boards.  Contact  name is Dudley (no surname unfortunately).

Facilities on the Day – All members of the Group were requested to attend the event and to help set up on the evening before.

TC reported that Jill Langrish has agreed to organise the manning of the crèche facilities.  Volunteers are required to man the refreshments and we will ask WI to support when we meet with them on 2nd March.

Presentation materials – TC is obtaining maps for use on the day.  TD is liaising with Orchard Printing to supply us with presentation equipment such as display boards and easels.  

TD has been liaising with a provider of drone services to supply us with views of the village and surrounding area for use both on the day and ongoing during the development of the plan.  Charles Kiloh, Chair of the Parish Council has requested that Councillors are given the opportunity to vote on use of the drone as he has concerns about safety and security.  This will be raised at the next PC meeting on 6th March.  TD has put together a response to CK’s concerns and this is attached.

7.3 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is to be held a week earlier than planned, on Thursday 16th March at 7.30pm in the Youth Club.