Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Date:  Thursday 26th January 2017 – Meeting No. 6


Tony Clewett (Chairman)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chairman)

Sue Corner (Administration)

Charles Kiloh

Pat Andrews

Jeremy Rice

Peter Cambatta

Ian Parris

Vernon Cameron-Ilott

Graham Smith (Visitor)


Anthony Williams

Sue Boutle

Mollie Holder

George Atkinson

The Group expressed their sadness that Linda Carter-Hirst is not able to be present as she has suffered a stroke and is currently in hospital in Washington, USA.  The Group sent their best wishes to her.

6.1 Declaration of Interest

The Group welcomed Peter Cambata.  His property, Burham Cottage, sits on an acre of land some of which may become available for development.

6.2 Action Log

Open actions relate to:

- grant application (we can proceed when SNC confirm approval of our NP area designation)

- storage for presentation equipment

- website build

- approval of area designation (excepted 25th February, awaiting confirmation from SNC)

The updated Action Log is attached.

6.3 Progress Update (including 6.4 Next Steps)

We now have two critical dates to meet – 25th March is our launch event and 21st April is when a rough draft of the questionnaire needs to be with Simon Purfield.  To ensure all tasks are identified and actioned in a timely manner, the Steering Committee have been meeting weekly since the beginning of January.  

Website – IP and TD continue to develop the website with a go live date to coincide with the launch event on 25th March.  The site will need contact email links for enquiries, and probably ‘mug shots’, before going live.  TC to identify a suitable map for the website from Ordnance Survey.  TD to advertise the website from the next issue of The Prattler.

Stakeholders – Meetings to be arranged with local landowners, particularly those with land which abuts the village.  Meetings being arranged with local clubs and societies, youth groups and both Churches over the next five/six weeks.  TD has created a crib sheet which can be used for presentations which is attached.

Launch Event – All asked to commit time on 25th March and for a door to door delivery of advertising material.  More details of the event will be shared at the February Group meeting, however the main pillars of the Plan will be used to gather aims and issues from those attending:

 Environment – green spaces, wildlife, energy saving schemes, recycling, etc

 Community and Economy – recreation, support, community activities, local    businesses, etc

 Planning and Infrastructure – housing, employment, conservation area, services, etc.

 Transport – bus routes, transport schemes, cycling, parking, etc.

A number of printed materials are required for the launch event and TD has met with Orchard Printing in Daventry who can meet all our needs.  The arrangement agreed should mean that we won’t be invoiced by them until we are able to secure funding from DCLG.

We have a logo, but feel that a ‘strap line’ would add to the impact of printed material.  All to submit ideas for a suitable ‘strap line’.

6.5 Any Other Business

Graham Smith explained that, at the moment, he is Chair of South Northants Homes and would have a conflict of interest if he joined the Group at this stage.  He mentioned the Flore bypass and also raised the issue of gravel extraction.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 23rd February, 7.30pm in the Youth Club.

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