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Nether Heyford

Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Date:  24th November 2016 – Meeting No. 5


Tony Clewett (Chairman)

Tom Dodd (Vice Chairman)

Sue Corner (Secretary)

Linda Carter-Hirst (Treasurer)

Pat Andrews

Jeremy Rice

Ian Parris

Vernon Cameron Ilott

George Atkinson


Charles Kiloh

Sue Boutle

Neil Haynes

5.1 Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

5.2 Action Log

Actions against SC relating to area designation to be closed. (See 5.3 below.)

SC has produced a standard brief for presentations which is with TD for comment.  Will be copied to all when finalised.  All other open actions are either updated within the minutes or are being actioned.

5.3 Progress Update

Consultancy Services – Simon Purfield has been engaged to undertake the market research element of community consultation.  He has been asked to produce a timeline based on questionnaires being delivered by 10 June (village fete day).  He has also been requested to advise any costs which will be due by 31st March 2017.  

TC has contacted Neil Pearce to submit a formal fee proposal, upon receipt of which the Parish Council will formally appoint him.

Designation of NP Area – Andy Darcy has responded to the letter sent to Jennie Johnson by the Parish Council about the delay in approving the designation of our NP area.  TC to ask Neil Pearce to contact Andy Darcy to challenge their requirement for contact details for landowners and businesses within the Parish.  Neil to also request SNC Planning to pass details of rate payers within the Parish to the NP Group.  TC to ask Neil Pearce whether we need to have our NP area approved before we can complete an Expression of Interest.

VCI has a list of residents and businesses within the Parish through his Neighbour Watch responsibilities which he will pass to the Group.  SC to let him have a copy of the Parish boundary map.

5.4 Next Steps

Website – is now live.  TD to pass invoice to LCH for costs incurred.  TD and SC to liaise on documents which can be uploaded to the new site.  The site won’t be linked to other sites within the village until all necessary documents have been uploaded and is fit for purpose.

Grant Application – Completion of an Expression of Interest triggers a grant application form to be sent for completion.  We then have 30 days to submit the application.  Decision taken not to complete the Expression of Interest until costs from Neil Pearce and Simon Purfield are received.

Finance – LCH reported on costs relating to the community event planned for March.  These are to be refined in light of discussion and LCH/PA have liaised on presentation boards.

5. Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting - Thursday 26th January 2017, 7.30pm, Youth Club

SC to arrange Steering Committee meetings for mid December and mid January.  Other meetings required between now and end January to be on an ad-hoc basis.