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Nether Heyford

Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Date:  27th October 2016 – Meeting No. 4


Tony Clewett (Chair)

Sue Corner (Secretary)

Linda Carter-Hirst (Treasurer)

Tom Dodd

Charles Kiloh

Pat Andrews

Vernon Cameron-Ilott

Ian Parris

George Atkinson


Jeremy Rice

David Musson

Neil Haynes

Anthony Williams

Sue Boutle

Mollie Holder

4.1 Declarations of Interest

There are no new declarations of interest.

4.2 Action Log

- TC has arranged to meet with David Banner, Chair of Upper Heyford Parish Meeting on Tuesday 8 November.

- SC has chased SNC for information regarding Council owned land within the parish.

- Action on TC regarding local historian – GA has all four copies of local history books which he is happy to lend to the Group.

4.3 Terms of Reference Review

No amendments are required to the TOR.  SC to request that the minutes of the next Parish Council meeting reflect the fact that the Council have delegated full authority to the NHNPG to produce a draft plan within agreed budget.

4.4 Progress Update

- Consultancy services – the Steering Committee have held meetings with Kirkwell’s, Tim Ward (Kislingbury), Simon Purfield (Stratford on Avon District Council), and Neil Pearce (Avon Planning).  TC presented the views of the Steering Committee and asked for agreement to their decision to use Simon Purfield for all tasks relating to the questionnaire and Neil Pierce for technical planning support.  SC to arrange presentation to the Parish Council for ratification.  TC to email Kirkwell’s and Tim Ward to advise them of our decision.

- Finance – an invoice has been sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council for £500, being the amount the Parish Council have agreed to grant the NHNPG.  

Landowner/Stakeholder information for SNC – following input from Neil Pierce on SNC’s request for this information, the decision was taken to ask the Clerk to the Parish Council to write to Jennie Johnson to request that they commence their consultation process and

approve our application for area designation without delay.  TD agreed to draft the letter.  SC to approach other villages within SNC to see whether they were asked to provide the same information.

- Website – Decision taken that IP will create and manage the NP website which will be linked to the Parish Council website.  IP and TD to liaise on setting up.

4.5 Next Steps

Neil Pearce had suggested that we should appoint a Vice Chairman.  TC nominated TD for this position which was unanimously agreed.

- Application for Funding – it is unlikely we can apply for funding until our application for area designation has been approved, however we can register an expression of interest with Groundworks (the body who manage the grant application process on behalf of DCLG).  SC to action.

- Community Engagement Planning – Initial planning meeting arranged for Thursday 10th November at 7.30 in the Youth Club.

4.6  Date of Next Meeting

-  Engagement Planning Meeting – Thursday 10th November, 7.30pm in the Youth Club

-  Next NHNPG meeting – Thursday 24th November, 7.30pm in the Youth Club.