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Nether Heyford

Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Date:  29 September 2016, Group Meeting No. 3


Tony Clewett - TC (Chairman)

Tom Dodd

Sue Corner

Anthony Williams - TW

Pat Andrews

Vernon Cameron-Ilott

Ian Parris

Jeremy Rice

George Atkinson

Apologies: Linda Carter-Hirst, Neil Haynes, Mollie Holder, Sue Boutle

3.1 Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interest

The Code of Conduct was circulated to the meeting and will be sent to all with the minutes.  The requirement for all to make declaration of interest was explained and any declarations will be captured in the minutes of the relevant meeting.  Declaring an interest does not exclude anyone from the Group.   The DOI will also be sent out with the minutes.

3.2 Group Meeting Action Log

The use of an Action Log to was introduced.  This will be reviewed at each Group meeting and updated as required.  The Action Log from this meeting will be sent out with the minutes.

3.3 Progress Update

 TD gave an overview of a recent meeting with Jennie Johnson who is our contact within SNC.  Included in discussions were requirements for an effective website; output from a recent SNC ‘call for sites’ which should be available by end September; requirement to submit an application for NP area including contact details for landowners and businesses within the Parish; expectation of size of development within NH between 30 and 50 dwellings over 15 years.

 The application for area designation was submitted on 9th September without landowner / business contact details.  NH has started to gather the information and the Steering Committee will decide how best to complete this task.  JR to assist NH and SC to check on progress.

 Professional support – The Steering Committee have met with three consultants – Tim Ward who worked on Kislingbury’s NP, Kirkwell’s who have support a number of local Parishes, and Simon Purfield from Stratford upon Avon Council.  All three were quite different in their approach.  Contact has also been made with a NP Champion from Flore and a meeting is being arranged.  When this has been held, a decision will be made on the way forward.

 TD is preparing a specification for a tender invitation for a web designer.  IP is happy to manage the site once set up.  TD/IP/ TW to meet to finalise the brief.  Three quotes to be obtained.  Following discussions it was agreed to discuss social media options with the selected web designer.

 TD had met with SB, editor of The Prattler, who is very supportive of the NP.  Space will be available in each issue of The Prattler for a NP article.  A request for people with particular skills will be included in the next edition.

 LCH has agreed to be the NP Group Treasurer.  TD and LCH have agreed Terms of Reference and a copy is to be passed to the Clerk of the Parish Council, Guy Ravine.

 Meeting arranged with Barclays on 6 October to open a bank account with £500  donated by Parish Council.

3.4 Planning for Next Stage

 Progress work to identify and capture contact details for all landowners and businesses within the Parish.

 Finalise spec for website design.

 Reach decision on use of professional support and bring to next Group meeting for ratification.

 Clarify amount of funding and prepare outline budget.

 Identify someone to lead a history sub-group.

 Plan for first community engagement event.

It was decided to devote most of October’s meeting to brainstorming ideas for the community engagement event.  

3.5 Any Other Business – None.

3.6 Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 27 October 2016, Youth Club, Roberts Field, 7.30pm.