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Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Minutes of Meeting No. 2 held on 28 July 2016


Sue Corner

Charles Kilo

Linda Carter-Hirst

Pat Andrews

Tom Dodd

Tony Clewett

Mollie Holder

Neil Haynes

Vernon Ilott

John and Pat Wilkinson

George Atkinson

Sally Stroman


Ian and Susan Parris

Tony Williams

Tony and Maureen Wright tendered their resignation from the Group.

Sally Stroman is a Town Planner and lives in the village.  She shared her experience of supporting Moulton and Crick with their NPs and offered to support us throughout the process.

2.1. Minutes of Meeting No. 1

There were no items arising from the previous minutes which are not covered in the agenda.

2.2. NP Group Formation

There are no restrictions to membership of the Group.  

A Steering Group has been formed to add strategic direction and momentum to the process, current members are Sue Corner, Charles Kilo, Tom Dodd and Tony Clewett.  

Draft Terms of Reference had been circulated and were agreed.  The TOR calls for members to sign up to a Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interest.  These will be available for completion at the next meeting.

Tony Clewett was appointed Chairman of the Group.

Charles Kilo was appointed to take the minutes of meetings.

Linda Carter-Hirst to be responsible for Finance.

2.3. Progress

Contact has been made with Kirkwell’s and a fee proposal has been received.  A meeting with them has been requested and a response is awaited.

Group felt we should explore other consultant options.  Sue Corner has asked Sally Stroman for recommendations.

Ian Parris has passed information relating to a NHNP website to Sue Corner.  Decision taken to wait until Consultants have been appointed before progressing.

2.4. Next Steps

A sub-group to be formed led by Tony Clewett to determine and manage the involvement of children within the Parish in the NP process.  

Tom Dodd agreed to take responsibility for communication via the Prattler village magazine.

Tom Dodd to create a logo which can be used from the first communication in the September Prattler.  Pat Wilkinson willing to support.

Sue Corner to arrange a meeting with Jennie Johnson at South Northants to progress the designation of the neighbourhood plan area, and also to discuss other ways in which South Northants can support the process and information they are able to provide.

2.5 Any Other Business

Northamptonshire CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) is launching a Countryside Design Guide on 12 September at Stanwick Lakes.  Organisations who attend will receive a free copy.  

Date of Next Meeting

As the Youth Club is closed during August to enable building works to be undertaken, the next meeting of the NP Group will take place on Thursday 29 September at 7.30 in the Youth Club.