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Nether Heyford

Nether Heyford

Neighbourhood Plan Group


Minutes of meeting No. 1 held on 30 June 2016


Sue Corner (Chair)  

Charles Kilo

Ian Parris

Susan Parris

Tom Dodd

Tony Clewett

Maureen Wright

Tony Wright

Linda Carter-Hirst

Anthony Williams

Neil Haynes

Guest speakers – George Atkinson, Anne Ranshaw

Apologies received from:

Pat Andrews

Karen Teago

Steve and Debbie Gugliemi

1.1 Following introductions SC gave an overview of Neighbourhood Planning.

1.2 Our guest speakers shared with us their experience of working through their Neighbourhood Plan.  Main messages were:

- make sure the whole community have an opportunity to get involved

- we will need consultants to help with specific tasks

- try to identify people within the community who have particular skills

- try to get younger people on the steering group

1.3 SC gave an overview of a seminar held by NACRE on 29 June.  East Northants are looking to provide support to Parishes working on Neighbourhood Plans and were seeking to understand what that support might be.  Any offering that East Northants came up with would possibly be too late for us.  

1.4 Following both the overview and the guest speaker’s presentation, the Steering Group made the decision to proceed with producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Nether Heyford.

1.5 Next steps:

 - IP to look into setting up a website and report back to SC.

 - All to identify anyone who is willing to support the NP process

- Below are some website suggestions for the Group to familiarise themselves with the NP process.

1.6 For the time being meetings to be held on the last Thursday of the month.  Next meeting is therefore 28 July 2016, 7.30pm in the Youth Club.